Christmas Podcasts 2019

In lieu of presents this year we collected a few podcast episodes we thought y'all might like.

We appreciate the characters that you all are and the stories we have from you, and hope you have great Christmas.

Much Love,
Paloma and Mike


Xmas GIF


Underculture - Painting w Bush

From one greater artist to another, here's GW Bush with some pro tips. Love your great sense of humor and light hearted spirit so I thought this might be worth a listen.


Planet Money - The Lost Plane

You probably get your fill of planes, but being a pilot is definitely how the rest of us know you and think about you - off shepherding people to who knows where. Not sure if you listen to podcasts, or this one in particular, but this episode had a nice Christmas payoff, and the show itself is consistently great if you have spare time to give it a listen.


On Being w Atul Gawande - What Matters in the End

I appreciated this take on death, life, and finding meaning every day we are living- it seemed to echo the way you tend to talk about your work in hospice. The On Being podcast in general is one I think you'd get a lot out of - full of positivity and human understanding. This is just an excerpt of the episode, you can get the full episode from the link below.


Reply All - Sal

Not only were you instrumental to me and so many others in getting into college and getting financial aid, but you're an enternal problem-solver and also the best listener I know. Much like you, this episode of Reply All was where they took calls from listeners, and tried to help them solve their problems. This excerpt is from Sal, a Syrian trying to get into college in Canada.